10 - 12 MarchÅre

Welcome to Åre!   

 We're so thrilled that we've gathered all of you here for a couple of great days in the mountains of Åre. 

Head over to the Agenda page to have a glance of the main bullets during the kick off. 
It seems like we're in luck with the weather, but let's keep the clothing info below just in case...  

  1. Make sure you have warm clothes in different layers; 
    - Closest to your body (wool and silk is perfect)
    - A middle layer (that’s easy to take off or on) 
    - An outer layer (jacket, outdoor pants, gloves and beanie / hat)
  2. Make sure to use sun glasses and/or skiing goggles
  3. Warm boots or winter shoes
  4. Sun screen
  5. There will be a party during Monday evening so dress in something you feel extra "Mm mm m!" in… 
  6. Bring your swimming suit if you want to try out the spa. A good chance is given on Sunday evening.

    Flights and check in 
    On the link below you’ll find a pdf with your name and chosen flight option. As well as your booking reference to check in. The check in procedure is the same as if you travel on your own. 
    If you're bringing your own skiing equipment, make sure it says so in the booking document. 

    Booking document

    You can check in approximately 24 hours prior to the flights following the check in links below, or at the airport before take off. Use your booking reference and name to check in. 
    We’ll have guides helping you out at the airport as well. 

    Check in SAS 
    Check in BRA - only return flight to Bromma Airport for Alternative C

    If there are any issues with your booking, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, see contact below.

    Transfer buses leave from Copperhill during Tuesday afternoon. See Agenda for more information.

    Your hosts and crew.
    We’re the team that are working with the Zound of Snow event and will guide you through your time in Åre. 

    Jonas Linder
    Project Management & main point of contact
    Contact: +46 707 35 22 22

    Calle Francke
    Host and service 
    Contact: +46 707 28 65 50

    Joakim Berggren
    Host and service
    Contact: +46 703 35 50 44

    Copperhill Mountain Lodge

    Copperhill is a luxurious design hotel overlooking the entire Åre valley.
    We'll get a magnificent view from the hotel that's located 730 metres above sea level on the peak of Mt. Förberget. 

    This will be our home during our stay in Åre. 
    Under the Accommodation tab you'll find more images and info about the hotel.